Career discovery zone Career Plan - Hear from the experts is an interactive zone for school students, provided for self discovery, learning and growth. All the services support the goal of doing what you love, getting better at it and making the most of your potential, for we believe that each of you is unique and needs to discover what will make you happy and successful.

We want you to discover your unique talents and make informed choices when it comes to careers assessment. The interactive platform would be both learning and fun to do - education career development.

The CAREERWISE zone consists of a series of online tests for aptitude that would help careers assessment. This would help in planning a career through a scientific process leading to a self development career plan.

The DISCOVERY zone provides various tests for you to check your skills and abilities. They will make you think and reflect on your attitudes and behavior and provide insightful feedback.

The WoW (World of Work) zone has resources that would help you to explore various vocations. For those of you who are wondering what each vocation holds for you, this is the right place to get insights into what is in store in most of these vocations - a very important step in careers assessment.

The WES (What Experts Say) zone has an array of practical insights on various aspects from experts in various fields of careers assessment.

All the zones will be fun to navigate around and also benefit your education and career development.

So what are you waiting for...! Get into the zone and make the most of your potential.!!