What is Careerwise ?

Careerwise.in is an interactive zone for school students, provided for self discovery, learning and growth. All the services support the goal of doing what you love, getting better at it and making the most of your potential, for we believe that each of you is unique and needs to discover what will make you happy and successful.

We want you to discover your unique talents and make informed choices when it comes to your career. The interactive platform would be both learning and fun to do - education career development.

The CAREERWISE consists of a series of online tests for assessment of your aptitude, which would help in planning a career through a scientific process.

  Why assess school students?

Every child is unique. A child who perform's well in academics needs to make the right career choice. An assessment will help the student to make the right choice and achieve greater heights. A child who doesn't perform well in academics may do well in some other field or may have some other skill, which will get highlighted by an assessment and he/she can be shown the right career path to suit their skills.

Its advisable for every child, in school, to get a clear indication of the strengths they possess. This helps in making informed decisions and take a right steps to a great career.

  I know my child so why this test ?

If you are a parent who is highly involved with the academics of the child and has already aware of the potential in the child then its important to validate it with Careerwise Assessment. Its not just about surprises its about knowing the finer details about the childs potential.

Its is like knowing that packaged water is good but yet if sent through a testing process you would get a clear indication of the quality of water. And wont that give you confidence?